compact Laser Diode Driver:

Compact all-in-one unit for driving/controlling Laser Diodes, SLEDs and SOAs


  • Self-contained enclosure combining and incorporating:
    • Device current driver (2A)
    • Device TEC driver (3A)
    • Device mount - Butterfly or DIL (user-interchangeable)
    • Control Electronics and Firmware
  • No laser-controller and/or TEC cables required
  • External modulation capability, USB interface and control application
  • Exceptional convenience, design and engineering
  • Low-cost


          cLDD Specsheet

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CW14pinBTF Driver:

Board level driver for Laser Diodes, SLEDs and SOAs


Key features:

  • Driving current up to 1500mA, with integrated TEC controller 
  • Small form factor 
  • No overshoot
  • USB & RS232 interface 
  • Control Application Software


  • Driver 14 pin butterfly packaged Laser Diodes, SLD’s and SOA’s 
  • Laboratory setups
  • Concept demonstrators 
  • Product integration 


          CW14pinButterflyDriver Specsheet

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OEM CW14pinBTF Driver

Pulse Driver:

Analog pulse seed laser diode driver


  • Pulse width: 2 - 500ns
  • Pulse repetition frequency: Single-shot to 500kHz 
  • Pulse current: 0 - 1.5A
  • Bias current: 0 - 100mA 
  • Separate pulse and CW (bias) drivers
  • High gain (1A at 0.5V 50ohm input)
  • With integrated TEC controller 
  • Allow bias gating
  • Low power consumption


          PSLD-A Specsheet

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OEM Pulse Driver

Laser Diode Constant Current Driver:

Constant current driver for pump laser diodes


  • Ideal for driving high power multimode pump diode modules in pulse pumping applications
  • Two power ranges: up to 2.5A and up to 12A
  • Fast settling time 
  • No overshoot 
  • Analog and digital controls
  • CW and Pulsed operation
  • Available as a kit with mounting plate and fan cooling for multiple pumps driving 


          LDCCD Specsheet

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